Rachel Nichols Will Catfight Rose McGowen in ‘Conan’ Reboot!


Maine-born actress and Clatto favorite Rachel Nichols recently spoke with PopWrap about her new gig on the long-running CBS crime show “Criminal Minds” and her role as warrior Tamara in Lionsgate’s upcoming Conan reboot. The 31-year-old stunner says nice things about her new TV show and its cast, but the big reveal involves her Conan costar Rose McGowan.

She says:

[Rose McGowan] is Marique—the bad girl to my good girl. We have a fight scene and she is after my blood. Let me tell you, her make-up is unreal. I mean, Rose is barely recognizable under all these prosthetics. It’s quite cool.

No disrespect to the very hot McGowan, but I’m pretty sure she’s been wearing those “prosthetics” long before Conan. But, I digress. Me likes cat-fight between barbarian babes Nichols and McGowan. Me buy ticket opening day.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan

Nichols also spills about Conan lead Jason Momoa and what she says would make most male moviegoers feel a little insecure about their bodies (bet you’re glad you don’t have a girlfriend now).

She says:

He’s a large individual. I’m just shy of 5’ 10” and I still felt dwarfed by him. My dad is 6’ 6” but Jason is massive – which was nice because you could go anywhere with him and no one would screw with you, which is helpful since we were filming in Bulgaria.

Nichols creds include Platinum Dunes 2005 Amityville Horror remake, Summit Entertainment’s underrated P2 thriller (her first starring role), and 2009’s blockbuster G.I. Joe. She also held a memorable role as black-ops agent Rachel Gibson on the final season of J.J. Abrams’ “Alias.”

Conan muscles its way into theaters on Aug. 19.

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