Like most fathers, mine always wants the best for me. “Son,” he says, “I hope that, if you ever get see a ‘Wonder Woman’ TV series in your lifetime, the actress playing the part is even hotter than Linda Carter was in my day. You deserve that much.”

My dad’s dream for me almost came to fruition when NBC ordered a pilot from writer/producer David E. Kelly for a new WW show with the very hot Adrianne Palicki in the role of the Amazonian heroine. But, alas, it was not meant to be.

Fortunately, someone managed to creep into NBC president Robert Greenblatt’s bedroom and swipe the pilot episode from underneath his mattress. Various clips from the show have gone online, but I am posting the one that features Palicki kicking ass in her short, star-spangled Underoos (Dad would want it that way).

Money shot at 3:22 mark!

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