Photos of Kate Beckinsale on the Toronto set of husband/director Len Wiseman’s upcoming remake of Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 sci-fi classic Total Recall have hit the web. The images show the 38-year-old British stunner shooting scenes inside a futuristic cop car and strutting her stuff on a highway while strapped.

Total Recall stars Colin Farrell as Doug Quaid, a factory worker who starts to believe he’s a spy when his real memories and those he purchased from an implanting company start to blur together. Beckinsale is his double-crossing wife Lori Quaid—a part memorably played by Sharon Stone in the original.

Costarring in the film are Bryan Cranston (”Breaking Bad”) as politico villain Vilos Cohaagen, Bill Nighy (Pirates of the Caribbean) as resistance leader Quatto, and the gorgeous Jessica Biel as prostitute/resistance fighter Melina.

To see pics of Biel on the set, go here. To peep photos of Beckinsale’s leggy appearance at this year’s Comic-Con, go here.

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