Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger Talks ‘Men in Black 3-D’


Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger may not get jiggy with Will Smith in director/producer Barry Sonnenfeld’s upcoming Men in Black 3-D, but she  does get to rock some serious hardware in the film’s opener. The gorgeous 33-year-old Hawaiian-born starlet plays a leather-clad vixen with a rocket launcher.

She tells Crave:

It was amazing. I’ve finished shooting it already. I have a cameo and I open the movie … I actually went to college for theater so it’s nice to be able to utilize some of those chops finally. I really want to get back into a film and acting.

She’s [the character] actually a woman in black and leather—a woman in black leather. In some of the scenes I’m walking with some serious hardcore rocket launcher. It’s crazy. I was playing my music in my head, almost like I was doing a music video.

I had to create a whole other character for this role. In order to do that I had to pull from the rock star inside of me and create this whole diva, like this whole action bad girl kind of character.

Wow, that’s crazy. When I was employed, I also played music in my head and pretended that I was doing a music video. Sadly, the pyro and dancing hookers I brought along didn’t go over too well with the bosses. It’s cool though. I broke my air guitar on their desk before security escorted me out (Rock & Roll!).

Men in Black 3-D finds Will Smith’s Agent J heading back in time to save the universe from an alien threat with the help of a young version of Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K, portrayed by James Brolin. Sony will release the sequel on May 25th, 2012.

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