Radha Mitchell Will Melt ‘Frozen Ground’


Radha Mitchell has said I do to playing Nicolas Cage’s wife in writer/director Scott Walker’s feature film debut Frozen Ground, the true story of Robert Hansen, an Anchorage-based serial killer who murdered 24 women over a 12 year span by hunting them down like game in the Alaskan wilderness.

Mitchell joins a cast that includes John Cusack as Hansen, Cage as the detective who brings him to justice, and Vanessa Hudgens as the teen prostitute who managed to escape from Hansen after being abducted, raped, and sexually assaulted with a hammer.

Mitchell, who made her genre debut in the 2000 Vin Diesel sci-fi actioner Pitch Black, and is best known for 2006’s Silent Hill, has starred in Richard Franklin’s Visitors, Greg Mclean’s Rogue, the Bruce Willis toplined Surrogates, and last year’s stellar remake of George Romero’s The Crazies.

The sexy Australian stunner will next be seen in 4th Kind director Olatunde Osunsanmi’s new found-footage thriller Evidence, Julie Delpy’s The Countess—an arthouse take on the Erzsebet Bathory story—and the eagerly anticipated sequel Silent Hill: Revelation.

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