If you enjoy the Science Channel’s “Mantracker” show, but feel it’s lacking in rape and torture, then chances are you’ll wanna see writer/director Scott Walker’s feature film debut Frozen Ground, the true tale of Robert Hansen, an Anchorage-based serial killer who murdered 24 women over a 12 year span by hunting them down like game in the Alaskan wilderness.

Deadline reports that John Cusack will play the notorious murderer while Nicolas Cage will take on the role of Detective Glenn Flothe, the Alaskan State Trooper who brought Hansen to justice. Vanessa Hudgens is also on board as Cindy Paulson, the teen prostitute who managed to escape from Hansen after being abducted, raped, and sexually assaulted with a hammer.

Hansen, an accomplished game hunter, respected family man, and small town baker, preyed on prostitutes and topless dancers, luring them to him with the promise of easy money in exchange for pictures. He would then rape and violate them at gun point before flying them out to the wilderness—to be stripped and hunted—in his single engine Piper Super Cub plane.

You can read more about Hansen in the true-crime book “Butcher, Baker.” Or, if you’ve lost your library card, you can go here.

Frozen Ground is set to start shooting on Oct. 17 in Anchorage, Alaska.

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  1. it sounds like it will be very scary to see john cusack play the role of a vicious pyschopath like hansen because he has never played a role like this, then again it really doesnt matter who plays the role, it is about a real person who was evil. both his role and vanessa hudgens role are probably two of the most challenging roles not to mention the other roles played by the rest of the cast