Black Rock director and star Katie Aselton spoke with EW about the lengthy nude cat-and-mouse scenes she shares with costars Lake Bell (pictured above) and Kate Bosworth (below). The film, which was acquired at Sundance this year by LD Distribution, finds the alluring trio warming up to a group of male poachers while vacationing on a deserted island off the coast of Maine.

Trouble starts when Aselton’s character Abby flirts it up with one of the guys, but then gets all Jodi Foster/Accused on his horny ass. Shit hits the fan, and the girls are off and running with the men in pursuit. Hindered by their bodacious femininity, they fall in a lake and must quickly shed their wet clothes to avoid hypothermia.

Aselton explains:

That’s where the girls start to turn primal. That is a true animal instinct. It’s 43 degrees, you have to take those wet clothes off if you’re going to survive, and they’re vulnerable, but they’re finding their strength. That’s truly when their inner strength is taking over, and that’s exciting.

It’s me playing by the rules of the genre, and abiding by those rules on my own terms. It’s like, okay I’ll do nudity, but it’s not going to be in a super sexual way.

Black Rock will mark Aselton’s nude onscreen debut and will serve as Bell’s second (she went topless on HBO’s “How to Make It in America”). The film also provides an opportunity for Bosworth to redeem herself after starring in Rob Lurie’s neutered  remake of  Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs.

"Damn. I forgot to wear shoes."

"Damn. I forgot to wear shoes."

Black Rock is written by Mark Duplass (Cyrus), Aselton’s husband and costar on the hilarious FX fanatsy-football series “The League.” Jay Paulson (“Happy Town”), Will Bouvier, and Anslem Richardson (“As the World Turns”) play the angry, blue-balled hunters.

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  1. Yo, seriously! How talented are the duplass’s? Aselton directing and shedding those clothes? O man this is gonna be a good one! Why the he’ll isn’t my boy mark in it? He’s easily one of the most underrated actors around! The league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!