Who’s Up for Some Japanese ‘Zombie Ass’?


So that tsunami and earthquake combo that practically destroyed Japan … that was no natural disaster. That was an act of God. An act of a God who anticipated the release of director Noboru Iguchi’s (Machine Girl) outrageous scat-themed splatter show Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead.

Described as “the most crap-tastic zombie movie ever to emerge from the sewers of low-budget filmmaking,” Zombie Ass stars 18-year-old newcomer Arisa Nakamura, Mayu Sugano (pictured above), Asami (Rape Zombies), Yuki (Paradise Kiss) and the very busty Asana Mamoru.

Peep it:

The film has a synopsis:

Wracked with guilt over the suicide of her sister Ai, who was tormented by high school bullies, pretty young karate student Megu (Nakamura) accompanies a group of older friends on a camping trip into the woods: smart girl Aya (Sugano), her druggie boyfriend Také, big-boobed model Maki (Mamoru), and nerdy Naoi.

Things start to go badly when Maki finds a parasitical worm inside a fish they catch – and wolfs it down alive, in the hope that it’ll help keep her skinny! Soon after, and not so unexpectedly in situations like this, zombies show up and begin to complicate things further.

After they’re attacked by a crowd of poop-covered undead who emerge from an outhouse toilet, the group seeks refuge at the home of strange Dr. Tanaka and his daughter Sachi.

But unbeknownst to them, Tanaka has been conducting experiments on the parasites—and the zombies!—and has another fate in mind for the five strangers from the city.

What’s the connection between the parasites and the zombies? And can Megu’s karate alone help them escape, or will she have to rely on the liberating power of farts to save the day?

Oh, yeah, Japan is doomed.

Enjoy the pics:

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