Isabel Lucas Teaches Boys to Be ‘Careful What You Wish For’


Australian stunner Isabel Lucas is set to star in the Hyde Park erotic-thriller Careful What You Wish For as a young trophy-wife named Lena who starts an affair with an awkward high school student too blinded by his penis’ good fortune to notice the trouble brewing around him.

The project was announced during this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Elizabeth Allen (Aquamarine) will direct from a script by executive producer Chris Frisina (“Pop Up Video”). Shooting is slated to begin early next year.

Allen said:

I look forward to bringing the fascinating characters to life in this provocative and sexy coming of age thriller. The lead character of Lena is a uniquely complex femme fatale — a compelling archetype that hasn’t been brought to the screen in some time and is due a revival.  I am thrilled to be collaborating with the talented Isabel Lucas on this project and am excited by the depth and mystery she will infuse into the film.

Lucas is best known for her roles as Goddess Athena in Relativity Media’s The Immortals and as the long-tongued, short skirt-wearing Decepticon in DreamWorks’ Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. She will next be seen in The Loft, for which she goes nude, and in MGM’s long-delayed remake of the classic 1984 actioner Red Dawn.

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