‘Return to Class of Nuke’Em High’ if You Like Lesbians, Boobs & Blood!


Kids looking to see naked chicks sure do have it easy today. A few of simple clicks and they’ve got a front row seat to bukkakes and gangbangs. Back in my day, things weren’t that easy. Not only was there no free internet porn, but getting around the parental units was a challenge in itself.

Enter Troma Entertainment. The studio’s productions were full of gore and naked girls, but were so campy the folks never once raised an eyebrow. My favorite: 1986’s Class of Nuke’Em High, about a group of high school kids grossly affected by the nuclear power plant located next door to their school.

This week, Troma announced that it had wrapped principal photography on Lloyd Kaufman’s Return to Class of Nuke’Em High, a new sequel written around two lesbian bloggers who find themselves battling a mutant student body. Not only that, there’s a blood-and-boob filled teaser!

Peep it:

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