Christa Campbell Makes Our Interest in ‘Seed 2’ Grow!


Posted above is the official one-sheet for German filmmaker Uwe Boll’s Seed 2: The New Breed. The poster features a knife-wielding gimp menacing a young, pretty woman who is either in the throes of orgasm or has just enjoyed a refreshing lemon-lime beverage. It’s hard to tell.

The Marcel Walz-directed slasher is a sequel to 2007’s Seed, about a man named Max Seed who takes bloody revenge on those who buried him alive, leaving him for dead.

Seed 2: The New Breed stars Nick Principe (Laid to Rest) as Seed, Caroline Williams (Hatchet III), Natalie Scheetz (Madison County), Annika Strauss (Necronos), Sarah Hayden and Clatto favorite Christa Campbell (Drive Angry).

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