“Walking Dead” star Sarah Wayne Callies stars in Final Destination 5 director Steven Quale’s new tornado thriller, Into the Storm. Callies plays a meteorologist teamed up with a storm chaser during a series of violent twisters in a small Oklahoma town.

Callies tells USA Today:

At least tornadoes don’t have rotting flesh coming off them. Tornadoes are not after you specifically. But they will flatten whatever is in their path. It’s nothing personal.

I would love to do a project where I don’t almost die. But I do think I’m drawn to stories about survival. They are so primal. You get into human behavior and really elemental things.

Callies is best known for starring in the first three seasons of AMC’s acclaimed zombe-drama “The Walking Dead.” She played the annoying and adulterous wife of wonderful and noble hero Rick Grimes. Callies also played prison doctor Sara Tancredi on Fox’s “Prison Break.”

Into the Storm blows into theaters on Aug. 8.

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