Syfy reports today more than two-million viewers tuned in last night to watch the premiere of its new day-of-reckoning series “Dominion.” Ratings can only double now that all those eyes have caught a glimpse of gorgeous South African starlet Kim Engelbrecht’s naked ass.

Engelbrecht plays Sgt. Noma Walker on the show, which is based on Screen Gems’ 2010 apocalyptic thriller Legion. The “Dominion” series picks up 25-years after the battle between man and angels began, and when female soldiers now stand side-by-side in showers with men.

Genre fans will recognize Engelbrecht from her role as one of the drop-dead gorgeous navigators in the 2013 Universal Home Entertainment original Death Race 3: Inferno, costarring fellow South African beauty Tanit Phoenix.

To peep Engelbrecht’s nude shower scene, go here.

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