Go ‘Cam2Cam’ with ‘Pretty Little Liar’ Tammin Sursok In Sexy, Scary Slasher!


No matter how hardcore horror fans may be, there is always a particular violence that disturbs them to the core. For some it’s the murder of a child, for others the sacrifice of an animal. For us… it’s the death of scantly clad women, whether they be strippers, prostitutes, or globe-trotting tourists turned webcam models.

That is why we are troubled by IFC Midnight’s new trailer for Cam2Cam, a slasher from director Joel Soisson (Children of the Corn: Genesis) about an American webcam model in Bangkok trying to stay alive amidst a group of online sex entertainers harboring a demented secret.

Cam2Cam stars Tammin Sursok (“Pretty Little Liars”), Sarah Bonrepaux (ABCs of Death), Jade Tailor (Don’t Pass Me By), and Alessa Aichinger (Vamp Bikers). It arrives in selected theaters and on VOD Aug. 22.

Peep it:

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