Jenny Lin Is Smoking Hot in ‘The Burning Dead’


Unlike porn, there just aren’t enough Asian women in horror. So imagine our joy when we discovered that stunning Piranhaconda star Jenny Lin plays a photographer in genre god Danny Trejo’s new supernatural thriller The Burning Dead.

A natural disaster flick and zombie apocalypse hybrid, The Burning Dead finds Trejo playing a Native American badass attempting to rescue a family from a volcanic eruption that has unleashed lava zombies.It arrives on VOD March 3.

According to IMDB, Lin plays a photographer in the film. This made us sad as we have enjoyed her previous roles as Stripper, Green-Thong Stripper, Prostitute, Hooker, Hot Date, Bargirl, Wife, and Vomiting Vampire. Here’s hoping she’s a stripping photographer 🙂

Peep it:

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