‘Picket Fences’ Stunner Lauren Holly Makes Us Leap for ‘February’


If you watched the quirky small town drama “Picket Fences” in the 90’s, chances are you still stroke recall the dream sequence in which Lauren Holly’s sexy red-headed police deputy Maxine Stewart goes to 12-year-old Matthew Brock in black bra and panties with chocolate cake and a Nintendo Gameboy.

Since that amazing moment, you’ve probably watched every movie release and TV show Holly has been in, which brings us to February. It’s a supernatural thriller set in an all-girls prep school. Emma Roberts (“American Horror Story: Coven”) toplines. Osgood Perkins, son of Anthony Perkins (Psycho), directs.

February finds two girls forgotten at the school by their parents, having visions of a third girl out to possess them. Production is currently underway in Ottawa. Holly is also known for playing sweet, butt-cheek baring Mary Swanson in the classic Farrelly brother’s comedy Dumb and Dumber.

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  1. One of the greatest scenes in t. v. history!!!