Sara Malakul Lane

Just when you thought you were done with shark thrillers, Screen Media hooks you into watching Shark Lake with actress and model Sara Malakul Lane. Set to release Oct. 2 on VOD, the movie finds Lane playing a beautiful and busty single-MILF cop in a small Lake Tahoe town.

When escaped sharks obtained on the black market make their way into the lake to feast on swimmers, the MILF cop joins forces with her biologist boyfriend and the black market dealer (Dolph Lundgren) responsible for the fiasco to stop the maneaters.

Shark Lake isn’t the first time Sara Malakul Lane has dipped her toe into shark infested waters on screen. The brunette stunner also played a role in Sharktopus, earning a place in Clatto’s list of The 10 Hottest Shark Bait Babes.

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