‘Martyrs’ Remake Hits Theaters in January!


Anchor Bay has set a Jan. 22 theatrical release date for co-directors Kevin and Michael Goetz’s American remake of controversial French thriller Martyrs. Produced by Blumhouse and the Safran Company, the film is written by Mark L. Smith (Vacancy) and stars Bailey Noble (”True Blood”) and Troian Bellisario (”Pretty Little Liars”).

Released in 2008 to critical acclaim, Martyrs tells the tragic tale of Anna, a severely traumatized child abuse survivor out to kill the people who abducted her. Unfortunately, her plan goes to shit when she and her BFF are caught in the act by a secret society of religious freaks convinced they can reach God by beating the living shit out of them.

We caught the L.A. premiere of Martyrs this year at Screamfest and were shocked to see the torture all but gone from the film. While the violence of the original made it almost unbearable to watch, it was crucial to the story and made the cult all the more terrifying. That said… those who haven’t seen the French film will most likely enjoy the effort, which is stylish, well-acted, and packs a punch… just one though.

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  1. The French one is STILL a favorite of mine. I don’t think that we (Americans) can come close to making a better one. It is a classic, and it was already pretty perfect. Plus the whole Troian Bellisario problem, I have zero faith in her acting, to pull off either of the main characters. If you want to see a crazy insane brutal movie, WATCH THE FRENCH ONE!!! It is SO GOOD!!

  2. I agree with you, Samantha. The French version is the one to see. It’s such a good, powerful film. Disturbing like horror should be.

    At Screamfest, Kevin and Michael Goetz pretty much spoke of their disdain for the violence of the original, dismissing it as “torture porn,” and described the remake as an alternative focusing more on the story.

    It’s cool so long as you haven’t seen the French film. I thought Troian Bellisario was good though 🙂