‘Annabelle 2’ Ruins Tea Time!


New Line Cinema has released a first trailer for Annabelle 2, a James Wan produced sequel to the original Conjuring spinoff that saw the demonically possessed doll wreck havoc on a young family in 1969 Los Angeles. Set for release May 19, 2017, the film is directed by Lights Out maestro David F. Sandberg.

Annabelle 2 follows an orphanage nun who takes refuge with her girls at a doll maker’s home when her facility is shut down. Things go from bad to worse when she and the orphans catch Annabelle’s attention.

Bond girl and “Narcos” actress Stephanie Sigman plays the nun and Lights Out’s horrifying she-demon Alicia Vela-Bailey is also along for the ride as a character called Evil Mrs. Mullins. We don’t see either in the trailer yet, but what’s on display already looks far more disturbing than anything in the original movie.

Peep it:

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