Olivia Munn Better Not Die In ‘The Predator’


Writer and director Shane Black will follow up his God awful and stupidly dull The Nice Guys with a new sequel in the often-lame-but-nowhere-near-as-lame-as-The-Nice-Guys Predator franchise for Twentieth Century Fox. Thankfully, he’s already made one awesome decision: Olivia Munn.

Olivia Munn has been cast to play a super-sexy scientist in The Predator, which Black co-wrote with Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps writer and director Fred Dekker. All other details are being kept under wraps, but here’s hoping Munn outlives them all or at least survives long enough for a shower scene.

Munn is coming off X-Men: Apocalypse as hot bad girl mutant Psylocke and co-starred in the exorcism drama Deliver Us From Evil in 2014. Her best and most frightening work remains Ghost Tits, the story of a man married to a woman with large breasts who awakens one morning to discover that her ample boobs never existed.

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