‘The Deleted’ w/ Amanda Cerny Could Be a Cult Hit!

Amanda Cerny

Streaming service Fullscreen has released a trailer for writer and director Bret Easton Ellis’ debut series “The Deleted.” The show follows a group of escaped cult members troubled by a sudden string of abductions in Los Angeles.

Playboy Playmate Amanda Cerny (pictured) plays an active cult member on a mission to track down those who have fled her community and bring them back. The trailer promises a gorgeous looking story of excess, cast with beautiful young people sure to meet terrible and deserved fates.

We’re loving all the eye-candy and the Patrick Bateman looking dude with the cleaver is a nice callback to Ellis’ controversial “American Psycho” novel. We’re also reminded of Ellis’ “Rules of Attraction” and that makes us eager to watch.

Peep it:

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