Kristen Stewart Stars In Lezzie ‘Lizzie’ Borden Thriller!


Filmmakers have taken multiple swings at the Lizzie Borden story for years, but never has an adaptation been more intriguing than screenwriter Bryce Kass’ lesbian take on the notorious tale of the 1892 hatchet murders of Andrew and Abby Borden by their daughter.

Directed by Craig William Macneill, taking a break from his fascination with nine-year-old schoolboy stories, Lizzie explores the brooding murderess’ backstory leading up to the slaughter of her parents and introduces a pretty family maid as her sympathetic lesbian lover.

Chloe Sevigny (“American Horror Story: Asylum”) and Kristen Stewart (Twilight Saga) topline the film as Lizzie Borden and young maid Bridget Sullivan, respectively. While we would have preferred Megan Fox or Bella Thorne in the role of Lizzie, but we understand at least one had to resemble a real lesbian.

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