Margot Robbie Is Your New Kick-Ass Maid ‘Marian’


Margot Robbie is set to steal from the rich and give to the poor in Sony Pictures’ fem-driven Robbin Hood spinoff, Marian. Penned by newcomer Pete Barry, the film stars Robbie as Hood’s loving wife, Maid Marian, who takes up his cause after he meets a sudden demise.

Robbie is a producer on the film, which was at the center of a major bidding war among studios. No word on what the Maid Marian’s costume will look like, but we can only hope its the Suicide Squad wardrobe team if not the Wolf of Wall Street :)

Robbie is coming off a scene-stealing role as Harley Quinn in Warner Bros. convoluted blockbuster Suicide Squad and played Jane in the studio’s  charming sleeper hit The Legend of Tarzan. She also starred in Lionsgate’s post-apocalyptic romance drama Z for Zachariah.

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