Alexandra Daddario Is One Hot Tamale In Mexico Photo Spread!


Whatever your stand on President Trump’s Mexican border wall, one thing is clear: put scream queen and rising Hollywood star Alexandra Daddario on the other side in a revealing, form-fitting swimsuit and we’ll tear that fucker down to get to her! Daddario posed for GQ Mexico last month and we just now set it down long enough to post about it.

Nothing, however, tops her heart-stopping nude debut as court transcriber and kinky side-piece Lisa Tragnetti on HBO’s acclaimed serial killer drama “True Detective.” Nonetheless, Daddario’s embracing of her hotness is exciting and will hopefully bring on more memorable roles.

Daddario is coming off quake thriller San Andreas. She made her horror debut in Mary Lambert’s (Pet Sematary) haunted house thriller The Attic and quickly won fright fans over with roles in gruesome indie-slasher Bereavement and Lionsgate’s Texas Chainsaw reboot. She stars next in the big screen comedy adaptation of Baywatch.

Peep it:

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