Tara Holt Has ‘Darkness Rising’… Can You Blame It?


Tara Holt stars in IFC Midnight’s Darkness Rising as a hot young woman traumatized by the murder of her sister at the hands of their mother. Seeking closure, she visits her childhood home as it’s set to be demolished only to find the evil force that possessed her mother awaiting her arrival.

Darkness Rising is directed by Austin Reading (“Death Valley”) and penned by Vikram Weet (Devil’s Pass). Co-stars include Bryce Johnson (“Pretty Little Liars”) as Holt’s fiancĂ©, Katrina Law (“Spartacus: War of the Damned”) as her hot cousin, and Heather Mazur (Night of the Living Dead) as her MILFy murderess mom.

Darkness Rising arrives in selected theaters and VOD June 30.

Peep it:

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