Get Onboard: QM’s Dark Harbor 2017 Is Now Open!

Dark Harbor-Queen-Mary

Good news fright fans! It’s time to leave your dull landlubbing life behind and head to the harbor – the Dark Harbor. Your ship just sailed in! That’s right… the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Halloween extravaganza opens today, running select nights Sept. 28 – Nov. 1. Don’t miss the boat – get your tix are here.

Located at the historic Queen Mary in Long Beach, Dark Harbor 2017 unleashes hundreds of ghouls, monsters, and sea-faring creeps, immersive attractions, live undead entertainment, tasty grub, intoxicating spirits, and seven maddening mazes – including this year’s all-new ship maze, Feast.

Feast tells the tale of Chef, a culinary genius at serving up WWII soldiers as flavorful delicacies, burnt alive in his own oven upon discovery from the ship’s crew. Not one to let a bad review torpedo his career, the Chef returns from the dead with new fish to fry.


Those brave enough to navigate the Feast maze are in for a smorgasbord of unimaginable horrors whipped up by Chef and his loyal and ravenous crew. Fortunately, courage can be found in a bottle at a special 7-degree ice bar serving up vodka flights in the freezing depths of Chef’s Meat Locker – whoa, wait a minute, is this a trap? If it is, we’re dead meat for sure!

Feast makes Dark Harbor history as the first-ever fourth ship maze, joining Lullaby, Soulmate, and B340 in taking guests deep into the engine rooms, corridors, and galleys for what can only be described as a uniquely terrifying experience.

Meanwhile, the docks will see more intensified versions of returning mazes Intrepid, Circus Big Top Terror, and Deadrise – an intricate maze so well crafted and long (and wet) it’s easy to get sucked into its story and believe it is a sunken World War II escort ship haunted by drowned mariners and their fearsome Captain.

Tickets – including online deals – are available now and can be purchased at the Dark Harbor website. Check out our reviews for Dark Harbor: 2016, 2014, and 2013.

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