‘Jigsaw’ Star Hannah Emily Anderson Knows ‘What Keeps You Alive’


Hannah Emily Anderson, the sexy tatted forensic pathologist in the SAW prequel Jigsaw, is playing games again in What Keeps You Alive, a psychological thriller from writer/director Colin Minihan (Grave Encounters) that finds the sexy redhead in an embittered battle with her wife on their first year anniversary.

Playing Anderson’s hot lady lover is her Jigsaw co-star Brittany Allen. Okay, we don’t really know exactly how hot Allen is – she was wearing a bucket on her head for most of her screen time on Jigsaw and when it was off her face was melting, but… lesbians!

No major details on the film so we don’t know why they’re at each other’s throats or more importantly if they kiss, get naked, and/or scissor, but we’re already intrigued!

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