We’re Ready to Visit the ‘House That Jack Built’


Lars Von Trier, the man behind Antichrist and brooding sci-fi drama Melancholia, is back with The House that Jack Built, a serial killer film applauded and walked out on during its world premiere at this year’s Cannes film festival.

Matt Dillon stars as Jack, a serial killer confessing five of his most significant murders over a 12 year span. Co-stars include Uma Thurman, Jeremy Davies (“LOST”), Sofie Gråbøl (“The Killing”), and stunner Riley Keogh (It Comes at Night).

The film has been criticized as torture porn by some and Von Trier appears to be playing with the whole this-is-fucked-up-but-you’re-more-fucked-up-cause-you-wanted-to-see-it angle, but we’re just hoping it rises above talky, artsy-fartsy porn.

Peep it:

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