‘You Should Have Left’ But Amanda Seyfried Was There!


Amanda Seyfried, fresh off her nude role in Andrew Niccol’s arty sci-fi thriller Anon, is set to star opposite Kevin Bacon in You Should Have Left, a supernatural thriller adapted from Daniel Kehlmann’s novel by director David Koepp (Stir of Echos) for Blumhouse.

You Should Have Left stars Bacon as a screenwriter attempting to write a sequel to his blockbuster film while holed up in a house in the Alps with his hot, young wife and their six-year-old kid. As if a hot, young wife and kid weren’t distraction enough, spooky unexplained shit starts to happen too.

Seyfried, of course, plays Bacon’s hot, young wife. Too early to know if she’s a hot, young nude wife — though the novel might give us some clues and by novel we mean Cliff Notes, otherwise we’ll just wait to see what Mr. Skin says.

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