AMC has released a trailer for season five of its “Walking Dead” spinoff series “Fear the Walking Dead.” Set to premiere June 2, the show follows Morgan’s infuriating quest to help survivors of the zombie apocalypse at tremendous risk to his own group. Why people listen to this maniac is freaking mystery.

Under its new showrunners, “Fear the Walking Dead” has become more gritty and embolden in its storytelling, going as far as to lose its original heroes the Clarks—except for hot daughter Alycia Debnam-Carey—while introducing new characters in thoughtfully crafted episodes reminiscent of early “Walking Dead.”

The first half of season four fired on all cylinders before farting out on a terrible misfire of a villain during its second half. Things are looking promising again with season five. In addition to some killer looking zombies and interesting plot development, there’s the return of a series regular and a “Walking Dead” crossover that could amp up the drama higher.

And…Alycia Debnam-Carey is still hot!

Peep it:

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