Francesca Eastwood Is a Good Reason to Stay ‘Awake’


Francesca Eastwood, daughter of Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood, is feeling lucky in serial killer drama Awake. That’s why she’s confident Jonathan Rhys Meyers is not a murderer… that and the fact that he looks like a retired Hollister model. Seriously, would her character feel the same way if he looked like Clint Howard?

Awake stars Eastwood as a hospital nurse who helps a car accident victim (Meyers) suffering from amnesia and wanted by police for the sadistic slaughter of many young women escape capture in the hopes of proving his innocence.

Eastwood, who made her nude debut in the 2017 revenge thriller M.F.A., is played mutant Molly Walker on NBC event series “Heroes Reborn” and co-starred in controversial photographer and then boyfriend Tyler Shield’s Final Girl. She is best know for burning a $100K Birkin bag in a photo shoot for Shields.

Awake arrives on VOD Aug. 16 and on Blu-ray and DVD Sept. 24.

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