‘Things Heard & Seen’ About Amanda Seyfried!

Amanda Seyfried is set to star in Things Heard & Seen, a new Netflix original slated to roll camera this fall. The supernatural thriller centers on a couple whose marriage collapses further when they move to a small town farm haunted by its previous and brutally murdered owners.

Seyfried plays the wife in the film, a big city babe struggling with small town life, who is the first to believe the couple’s new home is haunted. An adaptation of the 2016 novel “All Things Cease to Appear,” Things Heard & Seen is helmed by people named Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini.

Seyfried is coming off last year’s Netflix original Anon, a stylish sci-fi actioner from director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca). The blonde, big-eyed stunner has a string of horror and sci-fi works under her garter belt, including Niccol’s In Time, Twilight helmer Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood, erotic thriller Chloe, and underrated cult classic Jennifer’s Body with Megan Fox.

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