Olivia Munn Is a Time Traveling Hot Wife In ‘Replay’

Stunner and real-life drama queen Olivia Munn is set to star in Replay, a sci-fi actioner described by the film’s producers to be like John Wick, The Raid, Terminator, and every other movie you’ve ever enjoyed—but definitely not like those movies you didn’t like, only the ones you really, really loved.

That right there sounds awesome! Why would the filmmakers lie? It’s gotta be amaze-balls. What? You still need to know the plot? Fine…Munn plays a hot wife who uses cutting edge tech to find her way back in time to prevent her husband from being abducted and killed by assholes.

Munn is best known for her wild hosting shenanigans on defunct network G4’s “Attack of the Show,” HBO’s old-people drama “The Newsroom,” a glorious topless turn in male-stripper dramedy Magic Mike, playing big-boobed, ninja-assassin Psylocke in Marvel’s X-Men: Apocalypse, and destroying Shane Black’s awesome Predator reboot the weekend of its release by beating a dead horse with a rehashed #MeToo tale.

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