Word on the web is that actress Mila Kunis loves murder and mystery just as much as you sick fucks. The star of Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming thriller Black Swan apparently enjoys watching horror movies before visiting celebrity murder sites during the midnight hour.

Kunis says (via Cinemablend):

One of my friends has a whole giant book of famous murders that happened in L.A., everything from the Valley to Orange County to Malibu. When we do these murder nights, we watch movies, then we drive around at midnight, all around to these murder houses and take photos and we recreate the murder scenes. It’s really twisted and weird.

We went to the Black Dahlia house… We went by the Hillside Strangler’s place and the Playboy model who was murdered by her ex-husband (Dorothy Stratten); that house looks exactly the same now as it does in the murder book… It’s just creepy. That house gives us bad vibes every time we’re there. We should stop going.

Wonder if Kunis has been hitting the Brittany Murphy house. According to TMZ, Murphy’s residence has been added as a destination point on the Hollywood Haunted Tours.

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