‘Lost’ Series Recap Video Released/ New Season 6 Posters Revealed


We’re still a few weeks away from going back to the island, but ABC is tossing us “Lost” fans a couple of lifelines to get us through the wait. Here you see two new promotional posters for the Emmy award-winning show”s sixth and final season. The cast was shot in a recreation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper painting.


ABC has also released an eight-minute-plus recap of seasons 1-thru-5. I’m not sure if the clip is really meant to aid johnny-come-latelies (aka: poseurs) or to simply amuse die-hard fans with its quirky narration. Either way, kudos to the folks who put it together. Check it out:

“Lost” final season kicks off on Feb. 2 with a two-hour episode airing at 9 p.m. A one-hour refresher-clip show will precede the broadcast. And, don’t forget … ABC has moved “Lost” from its previous Wednesday night slot to Tuesdays.

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