‘Lost’ Producers Promise Gratifying & Cliffhanger-Free Season Finale


“Lost” executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof¬† want fans to know that the upcoming sixth and final season of the Emmy award-winning show will be gratifying and “cliffhanger-free,” with the focus set firmly on resolving character arcs.

Lindelof tells The Hollywood Reporter:

It really boils down to: Is it satisfying? Have you given the audience an emotional ride that makes them feel they’re satisfied, that’s a good meal? The only question that’s ever mattered to us is what is going to happen to these people. What is the character resolution? That the audience feels like the characters had an arc — a beginning, middle and end. And I’m satisfied with that. All the crazy island mythology stuff, we love it, but it’s like terrorists attacking Jack Bauer — it’s stuff that happens in order to tell cool character stories.

Cuse adds:

Tonally it’s most similar to the first season of the show. We’re employing a different narrative device, which we feel is creating some emotional and heartfelt stories, and we want the audience to have a chance in the final season to remember the entire history of the show. So we have actors coming back like Dominic [Monaghan] and Ian [Sommerhalder]. We’re hoping to achieve a circularity of the entire journey so the ending is reminiscent of the beginning.

On whether there will be any “Lost” projects in the future, Cuse says:

The Walt Disney Co. owns “Lost.” It’s a franchise that’s conservatively worth billions of dollars. It’s hard to imagine “Lost” will rest on the shelves and nothing will ever be made with “Lost.” Eventually somebody will make something under the moniker of “Lost” — whether we do it or not. We just made a commitment to this group of characters whose stories are coming to a conclusion this May.

Lindelof echoes Cuse’s sentiment, stating that:

Sometimes the franchise transcends the storyteller. The definitive edition of “Lost” ends this May on ABC, and that is the story that we have to tell. It has a beginning, middle and end. That ending will not have cliffhangers, or be set up in such a way that people will be saying, “Clearly they’re going to make more of these.” We don’t have any connection to another TV series or movie, but there’s a new “A-Team” movie coming out, for god’s sake. This is a business that thrives on known commodities. “Tron” is the most buzzed-about Disney movie for next year, and it has been gathering dust for 20 years. I cannot imagine there will not be something with “Lost” on it involving smoke monsters and polar bears and time travel.

Personally, I would love to see a spinoff based on the DHARMA Initiative. There is just so much to that part of the “Lost” mythos that needs to be explored.


“Lost” begins its final season on Feb. 2. To see new posters and a series recap, click here.

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