Producer Joss Whedon’s ratings-challenged, sci-fi series “Dollhouse” shut its doors for good last night with a finale entitled “Epitaph Two,” which found the characters 10 years into the future. Sadly, if not surprisingly, the episode came in 5th in the ratings, drawing 2.16 million viewers.

“Dollhouse” star Eliza Dushku told the LA Times:

I think it’s easy to point fingers at the end and play coulda/shoulda/woulda. I think initially Fox was really excited about Joss and I teaming up, and I think they were excited about the concept, even though Joss has expressed that maybe the concept that they’d thought up and the concept that he created … maybe there was a disconnect there.

We were optimistic that we would maybe have a chance to go on, but we were also realistic knowing that numbers were the way that they were. It was just a bummer because we’re aware of the fan base and the strong audience that we do have for the show and that’s what always inspired us and fueled us.

… many shows upon getting canceled … that’s it. Game over. You don’t get the chance to finish out all the stories and air all of the episodes. So, it’s a really rare thing that we were really grateful for.

“Dollhouse” starred Dushku as a programmable femme-bot created to carry out the needs of the wealthy. While Dushku often carries out my need to ejaculate into a handful of Kleenex Ultra Soft tissues, even she couldn’t get viewers to tune into the show on Friday nights, commonly known as the potter’s field of time slots.

Dushku is included on Clatto’s list of the Ten Hottest Horror/Sci-fi Babes of the Past Decade.

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