Katrina Bowden: Hot for Hillbillies


If you’re a fan of NBC’s over-hyped sitcom “30 Rock,” you will recognize actress Katrina Bowden as scantly-clad assistant Cerie Xerox. Those of us who find a bowl of turds more amusing than Tina Fey and company, however, are just getting to know the 21-year-old star, namely through her roles in 2009’s survival-frightener The Shortcut and this year’s horror-comedy Tucker and Dale VS. Evil (see picture above).

Tucker and Dale premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and quickly acquired a Canadian distribution deal through Maple Pictures. No word yet on who will be handling U.S. distribution.


Bowden stars in the film as a sexy coed who is rescued by the film’s affable hillbillies during a swimming accident.

In an interview with WickedInfo, Bowden described the film as follows:

Tucker and Dale is an exciting, unique movie that was really fun to be a part of. It’s about two lovable friends who get mistaken as evil crazy “hillbillies” by a group of young college kids when they take a camping trip. My character gets rescued by the two locals when there is a swimming accident – although Tucker and Dale are sweet kind-hearted guys, through the eyes of my friends they seem like evil killers. And similarly, through the eyes of Tucker and Dale, my friends seem crazed and violent. Therefore it turns into a kind of cat-and-mouse scenario with cool special effects and funny back and forth between the “eyes” of both groups.

Along with Bowden, Tucker and Dale VS. Evil stars “Firefly’s” Alan Tudyk and “Reapers” Tyler Labine, as the titular heroes Tucker and Dale, Chelan Simmons (Final Destination 3), Brandon Jay McLaren (“Harper’s Island”), Christie Laing (Scary Movie 4), and Sasha Craig (Dark Wolf). To see a trailer and learn more about the flick, click here.

Sadly, I couldn’t wrangle up any more photos of Bowden in Tucker and Dale, but I did put together the following gallery of shots taken from her performance in The Shortcut and from her bikini-clad romp at a Miami beach. Enjoy.

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