Leonardo DiCaprio Says ‘Shutter Island’ Will Surprise You


Leonardo DiCaprio plays a federal marshal out to find an escapee from a mental institution for the criminally insane in Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island. The long-delayed thriller is an adaptation of author Dennis Lehane’s 2003 novel of the same name and marks DiCaprio and Scorsese’s fourth onscreen collaboration. It arrives in theaters on Feb. 19.

DiCaprio tells Entertainment Tonight:

People, when they see this movie, will come into the experience with a certain understanding of what they’re going to see, but I don’t think it’s anything like what they’re going to expect … and that’s a good thing.

It’s also one of those movies like every great Martin Scorsese movie that you’re going to have to see a few times to really understand all the different dynamics of what’s going on and, that to me, is the type of movie I love; that’s the type of movie I love to see.

Shutter Island costars Mark Ruffalo (Zodiac), Ben Kingsley (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time), Michelle Williams (Halloween: H20), Emily Mortimer (Scream 3), Patricia Clarkson (Wendigo), Max von Sydow (The Exorcist) and Jackie Earl Haley (Nightmare on Elm Street).

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