Amanda Fuller has been acting on television since she was about 10-years-old, appearing on such shows as “Walker Texas Ranger,” “Two of a Kind,” and “Touched by an Angel.” Now 25, the fledgling actress is showing off how much she’s grown in director Simon Rumley’s dark psychological creep-show Red, White, & Blue.

From what I gather, the film follows three losers with a knack for bad decision-making. Fuller plays human cum-receptacle Erica, an emotionally unstable runaway prone to drinking and group sex.

It appears that Fuller, who goes nude in the film, needs to believe that Red, White, & Blue is complex and artistic and not just pretentious masturbation fodder for those who peruse straight-to-DVD indie fare in search of B-list, maybe even C-and-D-list, Hollywood T&A. So, let’s humor her and watch as she explains why the nudity and violence in Rumley’s movie is a bold cinematic statement of yada yada.

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