Getting ‘LOST’ at the 2010 Paley Television Festival


Nearly 2000 fans were in attendance for the the “LOST” symposium held last Saturday during the 27th annual Paley Television Festival in Los Angeles. Show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse fielded questions concerning the show’s final season and its many mysteries.

Sharing the stage with Lindelof and Cuse were go-to-director Jack Bender, cast members Terry O’Quinn John Locke), Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus), Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert), and Zuleikha Robinson (Ilana) and a few of the program’s writer/producers.

As “LOST” fans have come to expect, very little was actually revealed during the panel, with Lindelof and Cuse warning fans not to expect answers to every mystery presented during the show’s six seasons.

That said, the evening did provide plenty of teases, the most notable being:

1. We will see the Man-in-Black again,

2. Richard Alpert and Ilana may share a common trait (more will be learned about the two when they exchange words during a future episode).

3. Charlie and Widmore will return.

4. Desmond and Penny will be seen again. We’ll aslo find out if Desmond was really on the plane during the flash-sideways in the season six premiere episode.

5. Hurley and Libby’s connection will be addressed.

6. Walt may or may not return (though his dog Vincent will).

7. Jacob’s proclamation that people are coming to the island will prove to be true.

8. Lindelof said that the word he would use to describe the final three hours of “LOST” is “water.”

IGN scored some pretty fun and insightful interviews with the show’s creators and writers during their coverage of PaleyFest 2010. Take a look:

The Paley Television Festival runs through March 14 at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, CA.

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