Warner Bros. to Produce ‘Final Destination 5’ in 3-D


Warner Bros. head Alan Horn announced at ShoWest this week that a fifth Final Destination film is definitely in the cards for the studio. However, when pressed for details, he simply offered, “We can’t resist.”

But, fear not. The folks at Bloody-Disgusting managed to track down franchise producer Craig Perry to get a little more info.

Perry says:

If we find the right storyline for FD5 – and we’re working on it – then we’ll take the lessons we learned from TFD and make the necessary improvements to deliver what audiences expect from this franchise, going back to the original.

What I know for sure is that it will be in 3D and deliver inventive, suspenseful, fun kills. That I can promise!

The Final Destination series has earned a combined cume of over $500 million worldwide. Last year’s entry The Final Destination 3-D was the fourth top horror earner of 2009, behind The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Paranormal Activity, and Zombieland.

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