Director Darren Lynn Bousman Promises 90 Murders in 90 Minutes!


Serial killers, though frightening by nature, are notorious slackers. Sure, their body counts can reach double digits, but that usually takes years. Why? Because, as any legendary FBI profiler John Douglas will tell you, serial killers have cooling periods.

But, imagine if there was an unusually ambitious killer who wasn’t satisfied committing three-to-four murders a year; a killer who wanted more than just a handful of thumbs and nipples as trophies. Now, that would be truly scary.

Well, director Darren Lynn Bousman is tackling that premise in his new slasher Ninety. Written by Scott Milam (Mother’s Day), Ninety follows a serial killer determined to slaughter 90 people in 90 minutes.

Explains Bousman:

It’s psychotic and it’s crazy. I wanted to do a movie that’s fun. 11-11-11 and Mother’s Day are not fun movies. Ninety is fun. It’s 90 kills in 90 minutes. Done. Sold. Buy my ticket. We’re talking unique kills, too; it’s not like I just put ninety people in a room and dropped a bomb.

When you’re going to kill ninety people in a movie, after a while it could become monotonous. You’ll feel like, “Okay, I’ve seen this. I’m done.” To combat that, we’re going out of our way to make our killer cool and badass, like Mickey and Mallory were in NBK.

You’ll see the movie and just want to be the killer. Obviously we don’t want anyone to ever emulate being a killer as obviously that’s wrong, but we made sure our guy is just very likable. There’s two times that you’ll even want to high-five him.

Bausman creds include the end-of-days frightener 11-11-11, the eagerly anticipated, but still-delayed Rebecca De Mornay vehicle Mother’s Day, the organ-harvesting cult classic Repo! The Genetic Opera and, of course, Saw 2,3,and 4.

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