Dimension Films has released a full-length trailer for director Alexandre Aja’s long-delayed creature-feature Piranha 3-D. The clip provides a better look at the CG-produced piranhas (not a good thing) and Kelly Brooke in a red bikini (a very good thing).

Take a look:

Is it me, or is Christopher Lloyd playing Doc Brown in this movie?

A remake of Joe Dante’s 1978 classic, Piranha 3-D revolves around a spring break town terrorized by schools of prehistoric piranha set free by an underwater earthquake. Aja describes the film as a technically updated throwback to to the sensationalistic 3-D films many of us grew up with, promising a gratuitous amount of blood and boobs. To see some BTS shot from the set, go here.


Piranha 3-D stars Elisabeth Shue (Hollow Man), Kelly Brooke (Survival Island), Ving Rhames (Day of the Dead), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Jerry O’Connell (“Sliders”), Richard Dreyfus (Jaws), Adam Scott (The Return), Dina Meyer (Saw IV), Jessica Szohr (House at the End of the Drive), Hostel director Eli Roth and porn performer Riley Steele (Naked Aces 5).

In theaters August 27.

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