Make Your Own Syfy Creature-Feature!


The Syfy network, known for such outrageous fare as Dinocroc vs. Supergator and Mongolian Death Worm, has got a message for its detractors: Put up or shut up.

The network is teaming up with entertainment website IGN to launch B Movie Mogul, an interactive movie-making site designed to give users the opportunity to create a Syfy original Saturday night creature feature (to be aired next year).

Executive vp of programming Thomas Vitale explains:

We constantly have fans e-mailing with compliments, complaints and questions about our movies, and this is a way of involving the fans in a new way. This is where entertainment is going and just the start of many more things of this nature for Syfy.

Visitors to the site can pitch and vote on various aspects of the film making process, including its title, dialogue, creature design, wardrobe, death scenes, and marketing.

B Movie Mogul launches on Friday, June 25.  First order of business will be to decide on one of the following themes: Apocalypse, aliens, or monsters.

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