Half-Naked Zoe Sloane Kills Man After ‘One Night Stand’


One night stands always lead to awkward feelings the morning after, especially if you wake up to find your huckleberry with their face bashed in and you’re bathed in enough blood splatter to give Dexter Morgan a chubby.

So is the setup to fledgling director Chris R. Notarile’s short film One Night Stand, starring 22-year-old newcomer Zoe Sloane.

Peep the trailer:

Sloane will next be seen in Notarile’s upcoming full-length feature Daddy’s Girl and in indie-director Mike Nichols’ (Dead Calling) long-delayed Hansel & Gretal inspired thriller BreadCrumbs, opposite genre queens Alana Curry and Kristina Klebe.

Nortarile reportedly shot One Night Stand in less than three hours and for the cost of $100. No word on whether that included a reach-around/happy ending.

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