After its plans to showcase nine minutes of Piranha 3-D carnage at last week’s Comic-Con was sunk by event organizers, Dimension Films and director Alexandre Aja opted to instead premiere the gruesome footage at the Regal Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego.

A bootleg video of the teaser-trailer was smuggled out in the folds of a Comic-Con attendee’s gut and has now been leaked online. Now, be warned, the clip features numerous spoilers. But, it also provides a glimpse of Wild Wild Girls Kelly Brook and Riley Steele making out under water … nude. As Jigsaw would say, make your choice.

Check it out:

When the trailer screening was over, Aja was joined on stage for a Q&A session by stars Elisabeth Shue, Jerry O’Connell, Kelly Brook, Adam Scott, Hostel director-turned-actor Eli Roth, “Vampire Diaries” player Steven R. McQueen, Paul Scheer, and porn star Riley Steele.

Piranha 3-D centers on a spring break town terrorized by schools of prehistoric piranha set free by an underwater earthquake. Aja describes the film as a technically updated throwback to to the sensationalistic 3-D films many of us grew up with, promising a gratuitous amount of blood and boobs.



The film costars Ving Rhames (Day of the Dead), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Richard Dreyfus (Jaws), Dina Meyer (Saw IV), and Jessica Szohr (House at the End of the Drive).

Catch Piranha 3-D in theaters on Aug. 20.

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