Amber Heard Looks Smashing in ‘Drive Angry’ Trailer!


Summit Entertainment has rolled out the first official trailer for director Patrick Lussier’s (My Bloody Valentine 3-D) supernatural road-rage-actioner Drive Angry 3-D. The film stars Nicolas Cage as a damned soul who escapes from hell to run down the pricks that murdered his daughter and abducted his grandchild.

Peep the trailer:

Drive Angry 3-D costars Amber Heard (And Then the Darkness), Billy Burke (Twilight Saga), David Morse (Disturbia), Charlotte Ross (”NYPD Blue”), Katy Mixon (The Quiet), Bryan Massey (Boggy Creek), Pruitt Taylor Vince (Captivity), Wanetah Walmsley (Vampires Suck), and Playboy model Christa Campbell (2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams).

Drive Angry 3-D hits theaters on Feb 11, 2011.

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