‘Piranha 3-DD’ Will Have New Director/Writers & Bigger Boobs!


Dimension Films has reeled in Feast director John Gulager to replace Alexandre Aja in the studio’s planned sequel to its fish-&-chicks frightener Piranha 3-D. Feast scribes Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan are attached to write.

Entitled Piranha 3DD (a hint at the gratuitous boobage to come), the film’s story was at one point rumored to be set in Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand during the island’s notorious Full Moon Party , an all-night, beach-side event. No word on an official plot line just yet.

Piranha 3-D opened in August to rave reviews from both critics and horror fans. But, despite starring such stroke-worthy babes as Kelly Brook, Riley Steele, and Jessica Szohr, the bloody creature-feature tanked at the North American box office. Fortunately, the film has grossed over $63 million worldwide, making it profitable enough to merit a sequel.


Gulager, Melton, and Dunstan were the winners of the Bravo channel’s film-making reality show “Project Greenlight” in 2004. Melton and Dunstan have since gone on to write Saw 4-thru-7 and 2009’s criminally underrated The Collector (directed by Dunstan). Gulager went on to suck donkey balls.

Dimension plans to have Piranha 3-DD in theaters next summer.

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