Genre Babes Monique La Barr & Victoria De Mare Raped by Tentacles in ‘Contagion’


Monique La Barr, the sexy 29-year-old star of such contemporary classics as Huge Naked Guy and O.C. Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown, joins scream queen Victoria De Mare in director John Lechago’s indie-frightener Contagion (previously entitled Bio-Slime).

La Barr plays Donna, the girlfriend of a drug dealer who gets killed while trying to hustle a mysterious stranger over a briefcase containing a slime-like substance that ends up consuming everything in its wake, including Donna and her tentacle-raped nude friend Mary, portrayed by De Mare.

Costars include Vinnie Bilancio (Blood Gnome) and porn stars Gia Paloma (Cum Fart Cocktails) and Roxy Devill (Ass Eaters Unanimous 16).

Peep the boobs & ooze:

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